The Dirty Old Men's Association International

Why become a partner?

DOMAI is getting links and support from many very fine sites and individuals, and we decided that we wanted to give something back. And what better way than simply pay commission for sales! You are referring to a unique site that is changing the way nude art is regarded in the world and isn't matched for quality, we are getting traffic, our members are ecstatic, and you are getting paid. Everybody's happy!

The system is very simple. You set up a link with a special code on your site, which sends visitors to DOMAI, and if the visitor signs up for a membership within thirty days (ten times longer than the program default!) (and thirty times longer than many other sites!), you get 50% of the money! And as if that wasn't great already, if the same person continues to be a member, you also get 50% of the recurring membership fee.

The setup: it is an automatic system where our billing company (who handles thousands of sites) automatically track the traffic via a specially coded link. It is not difficult to set up. And you have real time access to the stats so you can see how you are doing at all times. The money are paid to you by CCBill, which makes it a sure thing, you don't even have to know us enough to trust us. :) (Oh, and another thing is that everything on this site is 100% legal in the United States.)

You also get credit for any signups to our second site, GoddessNudes.

How it works

When you go sign up for the partner program, the first page has a login form. But this is only for people who already have a similar program in place with CCBill. If you don't, just click the "Create a new account" button by the top.

After that all you have to do is give CCBill your name and data, so they can send you the checks.
When you have done that, you find a link to your admin page (which you should bookmark). On that page is a link to HTML code and banners. Click on that and you get a page with a couple of banners and near the top of the page CCBill has inserted the code you need to put on your site to get the referral program to work. It looks something like this:

You must use the following code with all of the banners you choose from this page

<a href="">
<img src="http://YOUR_SERVER.COM/IMAGE.FILE" border=0></a>

(xxxxxx will be replaced by your unique referrer code)

This is designed for banner links. But we have found that people hardly even look at banners these days, so we prefer that you create a text link instead [explanation below]. People respond well to personal links, so make a short text which show your feelings about DOMAI. Give people a good impression of where they will go when they click the link.

And further, if people you refer sign up as DOMAI partners, you will earn 10% of sales that they create too! (Taken from our share, not theirs.)

It is important that people know where you are sending them. They should know for instance that there is nudity. They should also know that there is no explicit pictures or porn. If people expect the wrong things, the traffic is wasted.

So all you have to do is put the link in a place where a lot of people see it, people who are interested in quality nude art. And wait for the checks. Of course you should be aware that it takes some traffic to get good results. People who have professional web sites soon find out that it generally takes a lot of visitors to make sales. But DOMAI is selling well because there are no other sites quite like it, so you have good chances:)

You can use the same ID code on several different sites without any problems.

It is important that you make your site personal. People don't want sales talk before they have even gotten their foot indoors. Leave the sales talk to us. What you need to do is give your personal reasons for why you recommend taking a look at DOMAI. See?

If you need images to post on your site, please e-mail us, and we'll send you a link to them. We also now do hosted galleries!

The rules

You can't change the images. No resizing, no compressing, no text. You can only use the files just as they are. (You can make some thumbnail images with links to them of course.)

Like you will have noticed, DOMAI is not a porn site, and should not be represented as such. We will not accept partners who are lumping in DOMAI with porn content or otherwise misrepresenting the site. Links and presentations must be tasteful and representative.

Another rule: "DOMAI" is trademarked. you can't use "DOMAI" in web site names, domain names, or email addresses, and you can't use anything very similar to DOMAI graphics. This may confuse the public as to what is officially a part of DOMAI. Also anything that can be regarded as spamming is forbidden, like advertising on Usenet or unsolicited e-mail.

Start the DOMAI partner program now.

How to make a text link:
If you are not used to working in HTML, you can just copy this code to the code on your site:

Here is one of my favorite web sites. It is probably the place on the web where I have found the most delightful <a href=""> tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls</a> I have ever seen.

The orange "XXXXXX" part must be replaced by your own unique six- or seven-digit code, which you get from CCBill, and this link will then lead to DOMAI and count on your stats.

Note: if you just want to make a simple link, here are banners and info

network for sites with
non-sexual nudes.
Good for getting quality traffic.

[All content of this site is fully legal in the USA and Europe. See legal statements.]

Read this whole page!
there is lots of important info on it.

"Of all referral links to other sites I post, I generate the most signups for Domai and they tend to rebill." - Free-Form-Studios

"DOMAI is a best-selling site for me as an affiliate. Many sites I have tried do not sell at all. Other sites starts well, but later has decreasing sales. DOMAI has a high and stable level." - Jaromir Plesko,

" continues to be our most successful affiliation. In total dollars, we earn nearly four times as much from sales commission as we do from our next most profitable affiliation! We continue to enjoy significant month over month increases (which will easily translate into year over year increases as the trend continues). Our sales commission for last month came in 37% higher than the previous, which was our record month at the time! This is now seven record months in a row!  By the way, my site would not exist if it weren't for since I would have shut it down long ago." - Michael, Webmaster for

"My partnership with DOMAI: I tried it because the web site, like the pictures, is simple. No cookies, no popups, just good sized well done simple pictures of beautiful women. I liked the fact that many pictures were available even without subscribing with no strings attached. I liked the philosophy of the web site.
I figured that, if I liked the site, then visitors to my web site would probably also like it.
As for the arrangement with CCBILL, I get a check in the mail every Thursday (sometimes a day or two later on weeks with holidays.) And the numbers keep me happy." - Duane,

"Many thanks Eolake. for your affiliate program. My first cheque arrived yesterday and there's another due in two weeks... Yours is the first affiliate program to provide any return at all and the one I felt most comfortable about when I implemented it. Feedback has all been positive, some almost effusive :-) Thanks again...
Jonathan Sturm
The world's most Pompous Git according to Google!

DOMAI pic of the day

To get a thumbnail like the above, which change daily, put in your code:
<img src="" alt="DOMAI pic of the day" height="180">

Leave out the "width" tag, so it will scale right no matter the width.

But you can also leave out the size code, and you will have the full image (about 800 pixels high usually).