The Dirty Old Men's Association International

Economical long-term memberships

Because the credit card system won't take payments for longer memberships than three months, you can alternatively pay for your membership via This is not auto-rebilled, it is single time billing. (Also naturally no hidden costs and no spam.)

We will e-mail your username and password within 24 hours, and often much faster. (With the Paypal option, the membership has to be created manually. With credit cards it is automatic and instantaneous.)

On your credit card statement will be our parent company, Coffeehouse Communications Ltd.

One Year: $74.99

(Only $6.25 per month.) If you order this membership, you will be getting the veteran's bonus pages right from the start, plus we additionally throw in one whole year's worth of previous bonus pages, unavailable any other way!

Three Years: $175.00

The super deal. Only $4.87 per month, plus the bonus pages mentioned above! We have been asked about lifetime memberships from our members, but technically three years is as long as it is possible to handle.

(If you desire a specific username and password, you can write it in the "special instructions" field that turns up, and we'll see if it is available.)

Paypal is safe, easy, fast, and free! Warmly recommended. If you are not a Paypal member, sign up now. After you do, come back to this page and select a membership. Unfortunately, for the moment non-US customers have to have a credit card to use Paypal.