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Free screensaver

Get 43 hand-picked DOMAI nude beauties to brighten up your screen when it is idle. Beauty is a joy forever.

The screensaver has been screened for viruses, but you still install it at your own risk. So far this is Windows only, we are working on a Mac version. (But in Mac OS X, you can select any folder of pictures as a screensaver. And in OS X 10.2, you can even make the desktop change images at intervals, smoothly fading over.)

For screen saver questions and Tech support contact ScreensaverGuy at support[at]

800 x 600 version (3.1 MB)

1024 x 768 version (3.1 MB)

The screensaver is created by Screenshots.

Below is an example of the images from the screensaver (from the 800x600 version).

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