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Good news: more pictures

DOMAI was founded in 1997 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it has not stopped growing since. It has come to be regarded as the foremost force fighting for beauty in a world where sleaze is the norm.

For the past two years we have been running very successfully with two new updates to the members page each week. That we could do that is due to hard work, for finding consistent quality art is not easy.

However, we are helped now by the fact that DOMAI has become so well known that photographers are now routinely finding us, instead of us having to find them. Often we are contacted by several new photographers in one day!

So this means that we are now able to improve delivery to our members: From August 1, 2002, we will start making THREE updates per week!

As if this was not enough, we will be doing it with the same famous quality, and AT THE SAME PRICE!

Why do we do that? Well, simply, if our members are happy, they tell their friends. And we would rather sell for $10 to a hundred people than sell for $20 to fifty people. This site started as a hobby project, just for fun, and we like to keep it fun, even though we happily now can make a living off it.

Have a nice day, and see you in the members' pages. :)

Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse

Nude fine art

Nude fine art

Nude fine art
"Every page... what an eyeful! This is an expression of the lovely female body as an art form. To be able to see them as they are and not in the typical "knees up to their ears" type poses on other sites is very refreshing.
DOMAI is not a "hardcore sex" site, but rather a tastefully laid out panorama of the women in their own beauty, as they should be presented. This site is quite nicely done!" - Roy Williamson, Houston, Texas <>

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