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Writing DOMAI style fiction

I am Eolake Stobblehouse, and I am the founder and editor of

This site is a bit of an abnormality, because it has nude girls, but it is not an "adult site" in the normal sense. Nor is it an Fine Art site. It is a site which focuses on the beauty of pretty girls in the buff. We call it "simple nudes"

The concept has always been beyond just photos, there is a Fine Art section, and several text sections. I used to write most of it myself, but I am trying to find professional help. Hence you. (This is not "position" which is open, but a call for short story submissions.)

This will take a bit of consideration for you, because while "simple nudes" are rare enough in visual media (it tends to become either Fine Art or Erotica), it is basically unheard of in literature. I would like to change that.

I have written some stories (or rather vignettes) myself earlier.
(These are not for emulation, but more for what kind of feel we are going for. Innocence and Joy, basically.)

If you get an idea for a good article on the subject of nudity or the beauty of Woman, don't hesitate to send it too. But mainly I am thinking of short stories, 500-3000 words or so.

What we need is a simple story, rather accessible for a mainstream audience. The story can be any sort of story or vignette (Science Fiction, fantasy, mainstream, mystery, slice-of-life, you name it). Humor is welcome, and so is an uplifting attitude. The main idea is that somewhere in the story is a pretty girl, nude. You give the reader the joy of imagining her.

Here is the catch: we are not looking for erotica. In fact, we don't take stories with any kind of sexual content at all, not even thoughts of sex. Obviously there may be a sexual undertone when you have a pretty girl nude, but that should be limited to the reader's mind, not in the story itself. The nudity should be beautiful, but not sexual. And the nude scene(s) does not have to be absolutely central to the story, but it should be important.

Well, for stories accepted, we pay $50. We pay by, on acceptance.

We are getting a lot of submissions, so please be kind enough to not send any ole thing from your hard drive which may or may not fit. In fact I would much rather see new stuff written for the purpose, and I think it doubtful that anything else will do, given the specifications. I'd like the story as text pasted into an email, with two returns after each paragraph.

Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing your good work,

Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse

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